Since 1998, Studio Comunicando has been dealing with web marketing: it designs and realizes websites, e-commerce, web portals, professional blogs. Studio Comunicando is an ideal, discreet and attentive partner, ready to listen and find the best solutions fit for every client. Learn to market your company or an institutional body to translate to high quality service. It"s all thanks to the experience of the various professionals working in Comunicando.

Choosing marketing means opting for a multimedia, modern, and innovative communication always ready to relay news, new trends and to express themselves in a global dimension. Professionalism and the experience gained over the years make our studio a solid point of reference for a planned and constant growth of your business.

Our service is “built around the customer" – we work closely with the client with the aim of obtaining an output that accurately reflects their needs. We establish relationships that last over time which determines our profound knowledge in reaping the benefits of marketing.